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Northeast Humanitarian Innovation Hub Appoints Muhammed Brimah as President of Governing Board

April 22, 2024, Abuja, Nigeria – The Northeast Humanitarian Innovation Hub and Foundation (NEHIH) proudly announces the appointment of Muhammed Brimah as the President of its Governing Board. This significant decision marks a milestone in NEHIH’s journey and heralds a new direction for its long-term strategic growth and sustainability.

NEHIH is a non-profit organization committed to driving social innovation and entrepreneurship towards sustainable development in impoverished, emergency and conflict-affected regions. Established to address pressing challenges faced by women, youth, and children, NEHIH focuses on six focal pillars: Nutrition and Food Security, Early Recovery and Economic Security, Camp Coordination and Management, Education, Health, and Protection (Gender-based Violence).
Muhammed Brimah brings a wealth of experience and expertise to NEHIH, having served at both state and federal levels in the design, coordination, and implementation of various humanitarian and social intervention programs. His tenure as the Special Assistant to the President on Internally Displaced Persons and Social Investment from 2015 to 2019 played an instrumental role in the formation of NEHIH. Mr. Brimah’s contribution was pivotal in the establishment of the North East Humanitarian Innovation Hub as he convened and led the coordination of the team of stakeholders which included the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the Presidential Committee for North-East Initiatives (PCNI) and the American University of Nigeria (AUN) through the process of its creation.
Muhammed Brimah’s professional journey is marked by a diverse range of experience, each contributing to his expertise in entrepreneurship, social interventions, and program management. As Team Lead on Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, and Vocational Training at the At-Risk Children’s Programme (ARC-P) from 2022 to 2023, he developed content for training programs, sourced support from donor partners to ensure the success of the youth initiatives. As Technical Head for the MSME Component of the World Bank NG-CARES Project from 2020 to 2022 in Kwara State, Mr. Brimah spearheaded efforts to facilitate the recovery and enhancement of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) post-COVID-19 pandemic. He coordinated the implementation of various initiatives, including finance support for new post-COVID loans, grants for operational costs, and IT grants to enable e-commerce adoption.
Northeast Humanitarian Innovation Hub Appoints Muhammed Brimah as President of Governing Board
From 2020 to 2022, Mr. Brimah served as the General Manager of the Kwara State Social Investment Programmes (KWASSIP). In this pioneering role, he designed and implemented sub-programs aimed at empowering various segments of the community, including the vulnerable poor and elderly, youths, market women, and young business owners. He was also responsible for monitoring program impact and implementing a Shock Responsive Social Protection System (SRSP) to address emergencies. During his tenure as a Special Assistant to the President on Job Creation from 2019 to 2020, Mr. Brimah played a key role in implementing the N-Power Programme nationwide. Prior to this, Mr. Brimah also partnered with the Niger Delta Amnesty Program’s Foreign Training Department from 2011 to 2013 where he organized and conducted vocational training programs for ex-militants, ensuring their well-being and facilitating their transition into society.
With a diverse range of experience spanning entrepreneurship, job creation initiatives, and social welfare programs, Mr. Brimah is poised to lead NEHIH into its next phase of growth and impact. His strategic vision and dedication to addressing socio-economic challenges make him well-suited to steer NEHIH towards achieving its mission of driving social impact in emergencies conflict-affected communities.
In his new role, Mr. Brimah will provide strategic direction to the organization and Board of Directors, focusing on high-level strategy, oversight, and stakeholder engagement while overseeing appointments to the Advisory Board. He will lead efforts to forge new partnerships locally and internationally, ensuring NEHIH remains at the forefront of social innovation and entrepreneurship.
“We are thrilled to welcome Muhammed Brimah as the President of our Governing Board,” said Mary Igbazua, NEHIH Co-Founder. “His wealth of experience and proven track record in driving impactful change make him the ideal leader to guide NEHIH towards greater heights of success and sustainability.”
Northeast Humanitarian Innovation Hub Appoints Muhammed Brimah as President of Governing Board
Mr. Brimah expressed his enthusiasm for the new role, stating, “I am honoured to lead the Governing Board of NEHIH and contribute to its mission of driving social impact in conflict-affected communities. Together with the Board and our dedicated team, I am committed to advancing NEHIH’s vision and making a lasting difference in the lives of those we serve, bringing my years of experience to drive more stakeholder and partnerships engagement for impact.”
As NEHIH undergoes structural changes for long-term impact and sustainability, Mr. Brimah’s leadership will be instrumental in shaping the organization’s future trajectory. Together, NEHIH looks forward to continuing its mission of bridging the gap between innovation, technology, and development, driving positive change in conflict-affected regions.

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