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A Collective Vision for Adamawa’s Digital Future: Recap of the Successful DECA Workshop

The Northeast Humanitarian Innovation Hub (NEHIH) is proud to have co-hosted a collaborative workshop on the Digital Ecosystem Classification Approach (DECA) in Adamawa State, Nigeria, on April 30th, 2024. In collaboration with Grant Thornton Innovation, this initiative brought together key stakeholders from government, NGOs, educational institutions, and the private sector. This activity is also being carried out in other states of the country to provide a comprehensive report on Nigeria’s digital ecosystem.

DECA: Building a Roadmap for Digital Transformation
DECA aims to assess and improve Nigeria’s digital landscape at a national and state level. The Adamawa workshop specifically focused on evaluating the current state of the state’s digital ecosystem. Through open discussions and focused breakout sessions, participants identified:

  • Strengths and weaknesses in Adamawa’s digital infrastructure and adoption rates.
  • Opportunities to enhance digital literacy, online safety, and responsible digital practices within the state.
  • Strategies for fostering a thriving digital economy that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship.

Collaboration is Key
A central theme throughout the workshop was the importance of collaboration. By creating a platform for diverse stakeholders to connect and share ideas, the workshop fostered a spirit of collective ownership for Adamawa’s digital future. This collaborative approach is crucial for tackling complex challenges and developing effective solutions.

Looking Ahead: A Brighter Digital Future for Adamawa
The Adamawa DECA workshop was a resounding success. The valuable insights and recommendations gathered will inform evidence-based policy-making and programming designed to propel Adamawa’s digital transformation forward. This, in turn, will contribute to Nigeria’s broader digital development goals.

NEHIH’s Commitment to Digital Development
NEHIH remains committed to supporting initiatives that promote digital inclusion and innovation in the Northeast region. A thriving digital ecosystem is essential for economic growth, improved service delivery, and increased opportunities for all.
We encourage you to anticipate further updates on DECA’s progress in Adamawa and Nigeria -including a nationwide report, share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below, and continue the conversation about building a more inclusive and innovative digital future for Adamawa State.

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