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YIC Summer Program: Registrations Now Open.

The Young Innovators Club (YIC) is a summer program and initiative by the Northeast Humanitarian Innovation Hub designed to inspire and educate young minds between the ages of 8-18 in the exciting fields of Machine Learning, 3D Printing, Coding, and Digital Literacy. This program aims to provide participants with a unique opportunity to explore and develop their skills in these emerging technologies, fostering their creativity, problem-solving abilities, and innovation mindset.

Why YIC?

The YIC will serve as an entry point for children and teenagers to gain exposure to various cutting-edge technologies, demystifying concepts related to Machine Learning, Robotics, 3D Printing, Coding, and Digital Literacy.

Foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills 

Through hands-on activities, challenges, and projects, participants will be encouraged to think critically, analyze problems, and develop innovative solutions using the tools and knowledge acquired during the program.

Promote teamwork and collaboration

 The Young Innovators Club will emphasize the importance of teamwork and collaboration, allowing participants to work in groups, exchange ideas, and learn from one another. This will foster a collaborative spirit and provide an opportunity for participants to develop effective communication and interpersonal skills.

Cultivate an innovative mindset

Participants will be exposed to real-world examples and case studies showcasing how technology can be used to solve problems and create innovative solutions. This exposure will inspire and nurture an entrepreneurial mindset, encouraging participants to explore their own ideas and pursue their passions.

Courses Available

Machine Learning

Participants will learn the fundamentals of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), including supervised and unsupervised learning, data analysis, and model development. They will work on small-scale projects that demonstrate the practical applications of machine learning and hands-on interaction in the fast developing industry of Artificial Intelligence.

3D Printing

Participants will learn the basics of 3D modeling and printing, enabling them to transform their ideas into physical objects. They will design and print their creations, encouraging creativity and spatial reasoning.


The students will be introduced to coding languages such as Python, Scratch, or JavaScript, depending on their age and skill level. They will learn the fundamentals of coding and computational thinking, building their own games, animations, and applications.

Digital Literacy

Participants will develop essential digital literacy skills, including internet safety, online research, data privacy, and responsible use of technology. They will learn about emerging trends and technologies, understanding their impact on society.

Other Activities Include;

Showcase and Recognition

At the conclusion of the Young Innovators Club, participants will have the opportunity to present their projects, share their learnings, and demonstrate their acquired skills. This showcase will serve as a platform to recognize their achievements and celebrate their growth.

Sports and Recreation

On Saturdays, the participants are treated to sporting activities such as lawn tennis matches, football matches, board games, swimming etc. As much as this program is to improve them academically, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’

Program duration and schedule

The Young Innovators Club classes begins on August 7th to September 9th 2023. The program will be conducted on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for 5 weeks, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for all participants.

How to Register

To register, you can click the link below to fill the registration form;



The Young Innovators Club is an exciting and transformative summer program initiative that aims to ignite a passion for technology, foster creativity, and equip young minds with the skills required for the future. By introducing participants to Machine Learning, 3D Printing, Coding, and Digital Literacy, this program will empower them to become the next generation of innovators, problem solvers, and tech leaders.

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