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Fostering Innovation for Impact: NEHIH’s Engagement in Adamawa State Open Government Partnership (OGP) State Action Planning Workshop 2024.


In a commitment to transparency, collaboration, and community-driven change, the NEHIH participated in the Adamawa State Open Government Partnership’s (OGP) 2nd State Action Plan Development Workshop, held from the 16th to the 18th of January 2024 in Yola, the Capital of the State. The workshop, organized by the Nigeria State Accountability, Transparency, and Effectiveness (State2State) Activity, brought together diverse stakeholders from government bodies and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) from various sectors within the state. 

Understanding OGP:

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is a global initiative that seeks to promote accountable, responsive, and inclusive governance by fostering collaboration between government and civil society. The NEHIH’s participation in the workshop provided valuable insights into its potential for driving positive change at the grassroots level.

Learning from Past Efforts:

The workshop provided a unique platform for participants to reflect on past efforts within Adamawa state. By examining the successes and challenges of previous initiatives, NEHIH gleaned essential lessons that will inform the strategic planning and execution of future projects. This reflective approach ensures that the upcoming State Action Plan is innovative and grounded in the realities of the local context.

Developing a State Action Plan for 2024 – 2026:

A highlight of the workshop was the collaborative development of the Adamawa State OGP’s 2nd State Action Plan for 2024 – 2026. NEHIH actively engaged with other stakeholders to brainstorm, ideate, and outline actionable steps that align with the core principles of the OGP. The resulting plan is a testament to the organization’s dedication to driving meaningful change in the communities it serves.

Cross-Sector Collaboration:

NEHIH’s participation in the workshop underscores its commitment to cross-sector collaboration. By working hand-in-hand with government entities and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), NEHIH recognizes the power of collective action in addressing challenges faced by communities in the region. This collaborative spirit is also key to fostering sustainable development and creating lasting impact.

Innovation as a Catalyst for Change:

The NEHIH embraces innovation as a catalyst for transformative change. The workshop served as a forum for exploring innovative approaches to address better and open governance in Adamawa state. By incorporating innovation, co-creation, and community voices into our programs, the NEHIH aims to elevate the impact of its initiatives and contribute to the overall well-being of the community as a whole.


The NEHIH is proud to have been an active participant in the Adamawa State OGP’s 2nd State Action Plan Development Workshop. This experience has strengthened the organization’s commitment to open governance, cross-sector collaboration, and community-driven solutions. As NEHIH looks forward to the adoption and implementation of the newly developed State Action Plan, it remains dedicated to driving positive change and creating a more inclusive and sustainable future for the communities it serves.

We will share more updates on our work on OGP in Adamawa state as it progresses.

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